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Please note: Workshops are only available in Greyton, Western Cape, South Africa. Weekend packages can be arranged for non residents.

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"Talking with . . ."

The "Talking with . . . " workshop aims to improve inter-relationship communication. Communication workshops often place emphasis on listening skills. In these workshops, however, equal importance is placed on response skills. How we respond to each other not only tells the person with whom we are having a conversation, whether we have in fact heard what he or she has said, it also makes a statement about whether we are interested in what has been said. Good relationships depend on good communication and yet we can ask ourselves how often we "talk to . . ." or "talk at . . ." rather than talk with each other.

The workshop will cover the following topics: "Talking with yourself", "Talking with your partner", "Talking with your children" and "Talking with your Ex"

"I am . . ."

Over the span of our life's journey the circumstances that we encounter make up a tapestry of who we are in the present. Often however our encounters in the present become governed by that lifespan of events unless we take care to introspect on a regular basis. So often our behaviours become incongruent with our self concepts which provokes confusion in our inner selves. It is important, particualrly if we engage in caring professions, that we know and understand oursleves in order to prevent our own life's learnings from being overlaid onto another person. This workshop is based on the Karl Rogers concept that every individual is a uique being and all life experiences are uniquely handled.

"Negotiating Anger"

Positive conflict encounters are rare but not impossible. They do however rely on a willingness on the part of each individual to sacrifice their need to win the day and replace that anxiety with a willingness to negotiate for a better outcome. Even the most skilled conflict negotiator cannot resolve a conflict if the antogonist does not have an equal desire to do so. Most people plunge into a win at all costs style which keeps the initiating factor of the conflict open rather than bringing a feeling of closure. In this workshop delegates will examine their personal conflict styles and seek to gain a deeper personal self knowledge in order to find the triggers that might provoke an unpreparedness to negotiate response.

"I care"

It is not uncommon in our relationship interactions, to find ourselves face to face with someone who is hurting. this might be a bereavement or a divorce or any other kind of traumatic event. Not all traumas need to send a person into costly therapy and sometimes suggesting to a person that they "need therapy" can be a cop out and can do damage rather than help. Not eveyone needs therapy unless they have relapsed into a serious disorder. Knowing how to engage with a person in this situation can be very helpful. This workshop is for non professionals who are currently working in a volunteer capacity reaching out to others in need, or for anyone who would like to learn to engage with hurting people in a more proactive way. As such it covers both listening and empathy skills.


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